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Modern applications face new challenges, e.g. highly distributed architectures, fast release cycles, ephemeral infrastructure, no room for planned downtime, stringent data regulations, etc.

CubeAPM is built from the ground up to solve these challenges by optimizing deeply for the observability use case and designing efficient algorithms like Smart Sampling.

Traces 100mb/s Aggregation Smart Sampling Metrics 1mb/s Traces 1mb/s Storage

More power to you!

Great UX

Highly intuitive, so you can find relevant information quickly and fix issues fast. Easy to learn even for newcomers, so no need to spend hours struggling with documentation or watching tutorial videos.

Data Security

With CubeAPM, your data stays on your infra, so you don't have to worry about data security and compliance.


CubeAPM gives you full control over aspects like data retention. Need to retain data for 1 year? No problem!

Open Standards

CubeAPM works natively with OpenTelemetry, so you can take full advantage of the rich ecosystem of components while avoiding any vendor lock-in.
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CubeAPM runs on your infra so your data does not have to go round tripping!

Telemetry generates huge data. Moving computation closer to data (instead of sending data to a third party over the internet) provides huge benefits, e.g., 2-4X faster page load and 60-80% lower cost.

Best of both worlds



Traces capture rich information about individual events. They are very useful in identifying problems when things go wrong. This benefit, though, comes at the cost of huge data volumes that traces generate.


Metrics are highly actionable as they represent numerical data. They are also extremely efficient to store and query, but they only contain aggregate information and can't tell about individual events.
CubeAPM integrates the two tightly to get the best of both!

Frequently Asked Questions


How does CubeAPM compare to Grafana / New Relic?

CubeAPM provides a significantly better out-of-the-box APM experience than Grafana by providing pre-built dashboards and intuitive user experience, so that any developer can look into any application and quickly understand what's going on.

New Relic requires you to transfer all your telemetry data to their servers over the internet, which greatly increases latency and cost. CubeAPM runs on your infrastructure, and hence processes the data locally. This provides huge benefits, e.g., page load speed is 2-4X faster and cost is 60-80% lower.


What is Smart Sampling?

Telemetry generates large volumes of data. Popular observability tools either store all data (downside: hugely increased cost) or do random sampling at the edge (downside: loss of information).

CubeAPM uses deep context to make sampling decisions, e.g., usual latency of a given API vis-a-vis the latency in the current sample. Thus, CubeAPM's "Smart" Sampling achieves a significantly higher signal to noise ratio in sampling. This enables CubeAPM to handle higher incoming traffic while consuming significantly lesser resources.


What's the easiest way to try CubeAPM?

First, you can explore the interactive CubeAPM Playground to explore the platform without having to do any setup.

To try CubeAPM on your infrastructure, head on to the docs section for setup instructions.

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